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Realise the benefits of using face serums in your skincare routine.

Face serums are a Holy Grail skincare product. They are ideal to use to replenish your skin and give it plenty of nourishing benefits, making them a must-have skincare product for your daily routine. Formulated to maximise hydration and significantly improve your skin’s complexion, face serums are an essential step in your skincare regime.

Serums are lightweight products which are quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, allowing them to lock in valuable moisture which keeps your skin soft and dewy. You’ll get maximum benefit if you use a face serum after you cleanse and before you moisturise. Face serums are best applied at night so you can soak up all the benefits whilst you sleep.

There are a variety of facial serums to choose from, which have been specially formulated to target different skin goals and to suit different skin types and conditions. You can use a brightening face serum containing Vitamin C to illuminate your face or an anti-imperfection serum containing Salicylic Acid that reduces the appearance of blemishes and acne.

Shop most loved and bestselling skincare brands that have formulated a variety of face serums to improve your skin, including Elizabeth Arden, The INKEY List, and The Ordinary.

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