Aqualyx 10 vials




About Aqualyx

Aqualyx is an effective lipolytic product that is used for non-surgical procedures to diminish local fat and cellulite. Treatment is slow and gradual making sure that each procedure is safe and efficient for the patient. Aqualyx is formed to destroy adipose tissues which are seen to decease within 15-20 days. All other remnants of the burning process are safely disposed of through the lymphatic system.

This innovative drug is one of the first products used to safely dissolve and remove fat cells from the body in just a few injections, and allowing one to shape the body and remove unwanted volumes. Aqualyx is commonly sought after within the field of cosmetology because of its safe administrative technique instead of undergoing plastic surgery. Some of the more common procedures performed with Aqualyx are: liposuction, body shaping and silhouette modeling.

Purchasing Aqualyx

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When can I undergo Aqualyx injections?

Although Aqualyx is not a slimming product, it can be used to reduce fat and body volume in the area of injection. You can inject Aqualyx in any part of the body that has a fat fold of at least 1.5 centimeters (hands, shoulders, buttocks, chin, legs, etc.). In addition, it is important to remember that no more than 5 (40mL) vials can be administered per procedure. The recommended time between each procedure is 20-25 days, and in most cases 4-6 sessions are sufficient.

To achieve and maintain a desired result it is recommended to adjust to a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Prior to beginning treatment, a consultation with a licensed medical professional is required, where a specific dosage will be established. Aqualyx is most sought after due to its painless procedure.


Not intended for:

  • pregnant women
  • patients with illness and who are consuming antibiotics
  • patients with excess blood vessels in the upper layer or the skin
  • patients experiencing problems with circulatory system
  • patients that are intolerant to any components of the product

If Aqualyx is not administered properly by a licensed medical professional, serious negative effects such as the destruction of healthy tissue can occur.