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BELOTERO BALANCE operates with middle or deep layers of the skin. So, it is able to deal with hard wrinkles. Generally, this agent was developed for:

Correction of nasolabial folds
Removal of mimic folds of medium depth
Filling shallow scars after acne and other skin injuries
Restoration of the natural line and correction of the shape of the lips without increasing their volume.
There are three main physical properties that determine the ability of fillers to provide the effect of volume correction and lifting or surface smoothing of wrinkles: Cohesiveness, Elasticity, and Viscosity.

Cohesiveness of hyaluronic acid is the property of the gel “to stick together inside” and keep the shape under the pressure.

Elasticity is the ability of a solution to “resist” an external force. The increased elasticity of the filler allows it to be more resistant to such factors as gravity, facial expressions, and as a result – providing more successful lifting.

Viscosity is the ability of filler to resist the applied force and is associated with the movement of the injected preparation under the same impact. A high-viscosity filler remains at the injection area, so, the visible result is the final result. BELOTERO BALANCE – suits all those requirements as the monophasic filler based on hyaluronic acid.

Actually, BELOTERO BALANCE is ideally distributed in the dermis filling the smallest spaces due to two levels of density:

Dense plots for a long-term result
Less dense patches the predicted behavior of the gel in the dermis causing ease of injection.
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