Belotero Balance with Lidocaine 1ml




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BELOTERO BALANCE with LIDOCAINE has the presence of hyaluronic acid of 22.5 mg/ml. Therefore, its action is aimed at correcting medium-deep folds and wrinkles in the perioral and periorbital zones as well as creating a lip contour. It should be noted that this preparation is already enriched with anesthetic, so clients of beauty salons and clinics do not feel any pain or any discomfort during the procedure.

BELOTERO BALANCE with LIDOCAINE contains a mix of different density and degree of stabilization of single and double-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. As a result, its biodegradation is smooth and even, since sections with a single degree of cross-linking molecules of hyaluronic acid ensure easiness of injection and high plasticity. In their turn, parts with a double bond determine a long-term result of the effect.

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Due to the presence of so-called “smart” hyaluronic acid, which is more plastic than others, BELOTERO BALANCE with LIDOCAINE has a unique homogeneous structure. Thus, it provides such advantages of this agent:

Unique safety profile
No need of correction after the procedure
Less frequency of swelling and bruising
Does not cause allergic reactions
Does not cause inflammation in the skin (granuloma)
Does not migrate in tissues
Less painful injection than other gels.
The effect of the procedures with BELOTERO BALANCE with LIDOCAINE is maintained up to 12 months. Also, the presence of parts with different densities in the drug structure ensures an even distribution of the drug in the dermis with the filling of the smallest spaces and explains the absence of migration of the gel.

Despite a complex technological process, the chemical modification of the hyaluronic acid molecule in BELOTERO BALANCE with LIDOCAINE is minimal – less than 1% with a chain length of 1000 KD. This, as well as a high degree of purification, provides a high biocompatibility of drugs with human tissues and the absence of cytotoxic and allergic reactions.

In addition, the optimal physical characteristics of BELOTERO BALANCE with LIDOCAINE are as close as possible to the parameters of our skin, e.g. stable acidity pH = 7.0 and osmolarity on average is 305 mOs. This provides a low probability of occurrence of undesirable phenomena. So, according to research, the frequency of occurrence of hematomas and burning (itching) in the injection area does not exceed 5%.