Belotero Hydro 1ml




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BELOTERO HYDRO is designed for improving skin’s tone, elasticity and hydration restoration.

The BELOTERO HYDRO filler contains a non-animal sodium hyaluronate gel and glycerin for a long-lasting rejuvenation effect. Microinjection of the gel is carried out with a special pen directly under the skin. This method ensures the penetration of hyaluronic acid into deeper layers, which provides hydration and guarantees a long-lasting effect of rejuvenation not only of the facial skin, but also of other parts of the body. Thanks to this, the skin that has received the necessary nutrition and care restores all its previous properties: tone, elasticity and healthy color.

The high-quality BELOTERO HYDRO has proved itself as an advanced product due to its effective impact and a high safety profile. It is created by the patented technology, which directly affects the ability of the substance to retain moisture. BELOTERO HYDRO causes:

Increasing the natural hydration of the skin
Stimulating the formations of new elastin and
collagen fibers
Acceleration of the process of tissue healing
Improving intracellular metabolism
Rapid eliminating of toxins
Restoring elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
BELOTERO HYDRO is designed to operate at areas such as neck, face, décolletage and hands. In those areas the agent easily fights with dryness, providing the effect of a smooth, soft and younger skin. Aesthetic Products Supply shop provides convenient shipping and price conditions if you want buy online a BELOTERO HYDRO product.

Generally, the main advantages of using BELOTERO HYDRO are:

It is safe and absolutely biocompatible
Tests for an allergic reaction before the procedure is not necessary
It penetrates into all cavities in the dermis, correcting defects and providing a lifting effect
It restores hydration, improving the elasticity of the skin
The appearance of granulomas on the skin is excluded due to the high degree of purification
It acts as effectively as possible without hurting cells
It has a quite long effect – from 9 to 12 months.
BELOTERO HYDRO can be used since 25 years. It is a good resorbable injection material intended for deep rehydration of significantly dehydrated or wrinkled skin tissue, as well as to maintain its elasticity. The agent allows you to increase the elasticity, adds radiance and prevents the appearance of wrinkles afterwards.