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BELOTERO INTENSE gel belongs to the line of unique preparations of German company “Merz Pharma”. Intradermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid are designed to correct wrinkles of different depths by injecting into different layers of the skin in order to form a new volume and face contour.

BELOTERO INTENSE is manufactured using the unique technology CPM (cohesive poly-compacted matrix), which consists of five stages of creating the agent. The cohesiveness of hyaluronic acid determines the property of the filler to “stick together inside” and hold the mold. Such a preparation is both plastic and stable under pressure of such factors as gravity, facial expressions, etc.

BELOTERO INTENSE gel is evenly distributed throughout the wrinkle or crease cavity. Such a positive aesthetic effect is due to the multilevel impact of the drug formula: in denser sections, the gel gives a long-term result, in less dense areas it behaves predictably and is distributed easily.

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This gel is adored by many cosmeticians around the world. The high demand for this preparation is due to its advantages:

Injection does not require a correction and hypercorrection
According to the company’s statistics, the percentage of hematomas and burning at the injection sites of BELOTERO INTENSE is only 5% of the total number of procedures
The gel does not lead to the formation of granulomas
BELOTERO INTENSE does not “migrate” in tissues
The drug has high-performance indicators
The duration of effect is 6-12 months
The gel is convenient, easy to operate, comfortable for the patient as well as for the cosmetologist.
To sum up, BELOTERO INTENSE is designed to significantly reduce the depth or eliminate completely deep wrinkles in various areas of the face. It allows you to restore volume in the places of skin depression, (arising due to age or trauma); change the contours of the face and provide the effect of lifting with the help of pricks in various areas (cheeks, chin, forehead, etc.); increase the volume of the lips, emphasizing the contour.