Belotero Intense 1ml


It is a dermal filler designed to restore or reduce facial folds and restore volume in areas of facial skin tissue. Each Belotero filler is designed for different facial areas.



Belotero Intense is one of the unique dermal fillers produced by German company Merz Pharma. Doctors apply it to correct wrinkles, restore lack volume and contour the facial lines injecting the filler into different skin layers.

Belotero Intense is developed by the use of Cohesive Polycondensed Matrix technology. Such approach provides a high level of product’s plasticity and endurance.

The drug is based on Hyaluronic Acid, thus it can’t be rejected by the organism because HA naturally occurs in the human body. It is safe, doesn’t cause serious allergic reactions and is fully biodegradable.

Patients often admit its convenience in use as well as the natural result the filler provides.

Does Belotero Intense Quality Deserve Belotero Intense Price?
Belotero Intense gel is evenly distributed throughout the entire wrinkles and folds. Such a positive aesthetic effect is provided due to the one-of-the-kind formula: in denser areas, the gel gives a long-term result, in less dense sites it also is highly-effective and easily distributed.

The remedy significantly reduces the number of little facial wrinkles and eliminates deep folds on the various areas. It is efficient for volume restoration in the depressed skin areas after ageing process. Cosmetologists provide the lifting effect using the drug. This is performed through several injections made into forehead, cheeks, chin or neck areas. Belotero Intense would be a good option for lips augmentation and improving lips contours.

Belotero dermal filler is a well-trusted remedy tested by hundreds cosmetologists and dermatologists from all around the world. After years of competitions with another dermal filler, Belotero not only stays on the market but has a considerable and well-deserved reputation among others.

This gel is loved by doctors and patients from around the world. With an impressive list of advantages, Belotero Intense is the must-have drug for medical professionals. There are no problems with the whole process, it doesn’t require additional correction and almost doesn’t cause side effects like hematomas, bruising, redness, etc. The gel is flexible, does not lead to the formation of granulomas or migrate in tissues. Patients who have used it confirm that they almost didn’t feel pain during the injection. The effect is noticeable right after the procedure and lasts 6-12 months depending on the patient body features.

Even a Single Detail is Important: Warnings and Side Effects
Dermal filler injection is a procedure that doesn’t demand surgical intervention, however, like any other medical manipulation with the body it has a set of contraindications.

You can’t inject Belotero Intense if the patient is hypersensitive to any of the drug’s ingredients.
doctors abandon to perform the procedure on areas of chronic infectious diseases;
people suffering from the oncology also can’t get injections;
if you have poor blood clotting, you shouldn’t risk;
pregnant and lactating women also ought to wait with such beauty procedures;
persons under 18 age, can’t use Belotero Intense.
This list may be expanded by the specific contraindications determined by the instructions of the drug’s usage.

Like any other medicine, Belotero Intense may cause certain side effects like hematomas and bruises, erythema or discoloration of the injection site, not significant redness or allergic reaction. In general, side effects last a few days and disappear after a while.

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