Belotero Lips Contour with Lidocaine 0.6ml




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Belotero is a very promising brand, providing top-quality prices at affordable prices. The Merz Aesthetics manufacturer has elaborated fillers for different purposes. Now, it presents to the world two remedies specially designed to achieve perfect lips outcomes: Belotero Lips Contour with Lidocaine 0.6ml and Belotero Lips Shape with Lidocaine 0.6ml.

Set includes:
syringe 1 x 0.6ml

needle 1 x 27G ½

needle 1 x 30G ½

Aesthetic — Merz Pharma

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Product properties
To create plump, juicy, and beautiful lips, the manufacturer has used hyaluronic acid of non-organic origin. It is not by chance this substance is the most popular for modern dermal fillers. First of all, it naturally comprises many tissues in the organism, such as skin, saliva, synovial fluid, etc. In the skin, it creates a supportive frame and takes an active part in the production of collagen and elastin, elements responsible for elasticity.

Belotero filler Lips Contour contains hyaluronic acid in the concentration of 22.5mg/ml. The molecules are cross-linked using Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM) technology. It allowed creating perfectly homogenous and viscous gel to correct the contours of the lips. The composition of the filler also includes a transparent carrier gel and 0,3ml of anesthetic Lidocaine for comfortable and painless Belotero injections.

Belotero Lips effects
This filler was designed to define the contours of the lips. Thus, it is capable of correcting asymmetry, defining the lip contours, and providing clear outlines. It can be used in combination with other remedies. A perfect combo is Belotero Lips Shape and Contour that supplement each other, providing plumping effect and contour defining.

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