Belotero Volume 1ml


It is a dermal filler designed to restore or reduce facial folds and restore volume in areas of facial skin tissue. Each Belotero filler is designed for different facial areas.



Belotero Volume is a dense elastic gel containing the high degree of Hyaluronic Acid. The filler is created to smooth out wrinkles, fill out the lost facial volume as well as correct cheekbones lines, cheeks and chin zones. Belotero Volume is characterized by a substantial level of uniformity and completely distributes in the tissues.

Belotero Volume Price vs Belotero Volume Effectiveness

Belotero Volume is the bestseller produced by the German pharmaceutical company Mertz. Designing this dermal filler they have used innovative cohesive polycondensation technique and due to this, the filler became a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic cosmetology. This approach allows doctors to guarantee the absence of allergic reactions in their patients. Many physicians recommend Belotero Volume and the number of patients who choose Belotero rises every day. After deep scientific researches, Belotero was claimed as a dermal filler with a high degree of safety. The fact was confirmed by European quality certificates.

Young skin has a high level of density and elasticity, thus mimic wrinkles are smoothed out immediately. With natural ageing processes, the skin lose flexibility and people notice sagging cheeks, unattractive nasolabial folds, and wider jawline. Belotero Volume restores the youthful contour of the face making it fresh and rejuvenated. Dermal filler restores the lost volume giving the face attractive proportions in areas where the subcutaneous fat was lost after certain reasons like extreme weight loss.

Belotero Volume is proclaimed as a smart substance reacting on the skin needs. It is a monophasic and polyfunctional gel that carefully and professionally corrects facial lines. Patients and doctors may be 100% sure in successful result after using the gel. Belotero Volume greatly fits patients of any age who desire to eliminate the signs of aging, rejuvenate the skin and look more attractive than ever.

The drug is more expensive than other Belotero fillers and costs, on average, $300. To clarify the price or ask all the related questions, please, contact our support manager.

Precautionary Measures and Side Effects

Like all injectable and not injectable medicines, Belotero Volume has side effects. They may occur in patients right after injection or after a while. In order to reduce the risk of appearing side effects, people who get dermal injections should be cautious and follow the simple rules:

  • refrain from dermabrasion;
  • stop peeling procedures;
  • don’t get laser procedures;
  • don’t sunbath;
  • stop attending warm baths and tanning salons.

Even if you follow all the precautionary measure, the possibility of side effects occurrence still exists. If this happens to you, keep calm and consult your doctor. Belotero side effects don’t cause serious damage to your health and disappear in the shortest terms. After the injection you may experience:

  • little bruising;
  • temporary color loss in the injected area;
  • slight puncture seal.

As it was mentioned previously, Belotero Volume is very safe and effective. Still, there exists a group of people to whom such injections are forbidden.

You have to refuse from using the remedy in case:

  • you have hypersensitivity to at least one component of the medicine;
  • predisposition to scarring;
  • chronic diseases;
  • acute infections;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • adolescence (people under 18 years).

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