Belotero Volume (2x1ml)




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Many specialists in the aesthetics of the face agree that for an attractive appearance, smooth, round contours, high cheekbones and a thin, well-defined line of the jaw are key factors. However, with age, the natural volume of subcutaneous fat is depleted, and this leads to the sagging of the cheeks and the formation of nasolabial folds, giving the contour of the jaw a wider line.

BELOTERO VOLUME is used to restore the young contour of the face and give the proportions of the face a balanced shape in areas where the volume was lost due to skin fading or extreme weight loss.

BELOTERO VOLUME is a masterpiece of the German company “Merz”. Innovative CPM-technology in the basis of filler has become a recognized breakthrough in the field of aesthetic cosmetology.

The secret of the following technology is the cohesive poly-compacted matrix, the five-step dynamic cross-linking of hyaluronic acid molecules with additional purification, which ensures high homogeneity of the gel with the optimal arrangement of molecules. In the final result, sodium hyaluronate acquires a unique property to instantly start the process of cell regeneration.

In terms of all indicators and research, fillers created by CPM technology are distinguished by a high level of safety, which is confirmed by European quality certificates.

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Excellent gel tolerance by an absolute majority of patients
Absence of allergic reactions
Accessibility of application even on thin and hypersensitive skin
Predictable impact on all applications
An absence of need for correction and hypercorrection
Rare cases of edema and bruising
An absence of inflammation on the skin (granuloma)
High cohesiveness – does not migrate in tissues and makes the contour maximally natural
The gel is not felt in the tissues as a foreign body
Less painful injection, compared to other gels
A long-lasting effect with a visible result – up to 18 months!
The components of BELOTERO VOLUM make possible the immediate elimination of defects in appearance. The dense consistency of the drug restores the missing volumes, and unsurpassed plasticity gently simulates the contour. This fully functional, monophasic “smart” filler of the new generation is a sterile, pyrogen-free viscoelastic colorless transparent isotonic gel. The gel perfectly adapts to the tissues, so that the natural smoothness of the lines is maintained.