Belotero Volume with Lidocaine (2x1ml)




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Huge demand among cosmeticians is on fillers based on hyaluronic acid. It is this component that is responsible for the elasticity, tone, and hydration of the skin, and since hyaluronic acid is our natural component, the occurrence of allergic reactions upon injection is minimized.

Monophasic filler BELOTERO VOLUM WITH LIDOCAINE based on hyaluronic acid has no analogues among fillers of other manufacturers, because the gel is created by innovative CPM-technology. Cohesive Poly-compacted Matrix is a high-tech method with double dynamic crosslinking of acid molecules. As a result, the molecule becomes more compact and turns into a homogeneous stable gel with tremendous properties:

perfectly integrated into the skin
evenly distributed, forming a natural contour
biodegradable, so in a proper time it is completely eliminated from the body
has a long aesthetic effect.
Thanks to the unique process of creation, the gel acquires unmatched elasticity and guarantees 100% filling of wrinkles and an amazing volume effect.

There are three main reasons for the loss of volume and attractiveness of facial features:

The aging process
Extreme weight loss
Diseases and stress.
As a result of a loss of soft tissue volume, the skin on the cheeks begins to sag, from which nasolabial folds are formed; there are temporal cavities, there is an omission of cheekbones and the formation of a nasolacrimal furrow. A plastic gel with the highest content of HA in the line – BELOTERO VOLUME WITH LIDOCAINE – was created to solve these problems.

The presence of lidocaine in the filler increases the comfort of the procedure, which lasts until the end of the injection session. Order BELOTERO VOLUME WITH LIDOCAINE in Aesthetic Products Supply online shop and get quick shipping with the professional support.

Actually, there are a few recommended situations where dermal filler BELOTERO VOLUME WITH LIDOCAINE should help:

on areas of the face that have lost a large volume, including cheeks, chin, and temples
for correction of deep nasolabial wrinkles
improving facial functions and its modeling.
According to German sociologists, the fear of painful sensations during the procedure of aesthetic correction becomes a significant obstacle for new clients. With the goal of making beauty injections comfortable, “Merz” specialists developed unique needles for BELOTERO fillers and adding lidocaine made the procedure completely painless.