Bocouture 100U


BOCOUTURE is administered for adults below 65 years. The effect is seen for up to 4 months. The shelf life of the product is 3 years

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The product is a botulinum toxin which is synthesized by special bacteria (they are of the same name). It is considered to be unique and is used to administer injections in order to provide temporary improvement of the state of the skin. It can fight wrinkles no matter how deep they are, and is also suitable for adults of all ages. The wide range of its application, the affordable cost, the safety – all this makes the composition indispensable and effective.

Buy Bocouture 100U Online

The product is available in retail packs of 100 units each from any Bocouture 100U supplier. Patients under the age of 65 can use it. Most often it is preferable when it is necessary to remove vertical folds between the eyebrows. A gloomy expression of the face is often caused by a decrease in muscle structures. It is extremely difficult for patients to control them, so it is almost impossible to prevent the problem on your own.

Mechanism of Action Which is Worth the Bocouture 100U Price

The product facilitates implementation of the following basic objectives:

  • relaxing muscle structures;
  • blocking nerve impulses;
  • improving the state of the skin on the face;
  • providing a person with self-confidence.

The product is injected into the muscle area, which helps to relax the muscles and prevent their constant contraction. This effect is reversible and is considered to be of a temporary nature. As a result, the patient may need further comprehensive treatment in order to maintain a lasting effect. So, the option is considered 100% safe and effective. As for the effects obtained during its application, it makes it possible to provide patients with psychological comfort and emotional well-being.

When Will It Be Possible to Notice the First Results?

Improvements are observed 2-3 days after the first use of the product. However, the full effect can be detected 30 days later.

Who is Not Allowed to Use the Product?

There are practically no restrictions on the use of the product. But if there are side effects, it is necessary to seek medical help and comprehensive consultation. Restrictions on the use of the product are also imposed in case of the following conditions:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • chronic pathological processes;
  • diabetic condition;
  • regular epileptic seizures;
  • simultaneous treatment with other procedures.

After the use of the product, there is a possibility of some minor side effects. These are swelling, reddening, itching, burning, allergies. There may also be tinnitus, nausea and vomiting. In practice, these conditions usually disappear as quickly as possible.
However, if this does not happen within a few days, it is necessary to contact the specialist who performed the procedure. A good competent doctor will diagnose the cause of the negative consequences and take appropriate measures to get rid of them as soon as possible.

How Long is the Effect of the Preparation?

The duration of the treatment effect can be up to 4 months after the treatment, so it is considered to be only temporary. It gives a reversible effect. Thus, it is advisable to buy Bocouture 100U online (discounts for those customers who buy Bocouture 100U online wholesale). It can be used by almost everyone. But after the administration of the product there can be such negative consequences as weakness in the muscles and dizziness. Patients who want to drive a car or deal with complex industrial machinery should be aware of this fact well in advance. Such an approach will prevent numerous injuries.