Bocouture 50U


BOCOUTURE is administered for adults below 65 years. The effect is seen for up to 4 months. The shelf life of the product is 3 years

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Bocouture 50U is based on botulinum toxin type A. It is made by the German company known as Merz Aesthetics. This is a preparation of the new generation, which was obtained using the formula of BTX-A.

Advantageous Characteristics at a Fair Bocouture 50U Price

The preparation has a unique composition, therefore, it is effective as much as possible. In contrast to its analogues, it has the following advantages:

  • there are no negative consequences provoked by the effects of protein impurities;
  • there are no allergic reactions and other serious manifestations on the skin;
  • the effect is stable;
  • it is possible to control the effect due to low molecular weight.

All this makes the preparation unique and indispensable. It is used by leading cosmetologists of the world from Europe and America. They buy Bocouture 50U online wholesale so one of its advantages is its affordable cost.

Mechanism of Action

As well as similar products which are based on botulinum toxin, this preparation promotes a temporary short blocking of nerve impulses transmitted to the muscle that has undergone treatment. Due to this effect, it ceases to contract, and the skin above it becomes smooth.

The presence of problems in the facial muscular structures of the face is the main indication for the application of this preparation. The best results are observed when the preparation is used to treat wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the forehead. Moreover, by using the composition it is not difficult to get rid of the so-called “crow’s feet”, folds near the nose, lips, neck.

The preparation is also widely used when the patient wants to get rid of excessive sweating. This condition in medical practice is called hyperhidrosis. However, in comparison with other compounds, such as Botox, Lantox, Dysport, it is capable of diffusion and has a low activity.

Buy Bocouture 50U Online to Learn How the Procedure Proceeds

Only qualified specialists who have received appropriate training should work with the preparation. At first, the specialist determines the spots where the injections will be given, and then they apply a special anesthetic cream to the skin that will make the procedure painless. It takes 30 minutes to perform the injection procedure. After that, for a week, it is necessary to protect the skin that has undergone treatment. Along with this, it is important to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages.

The first effects of the use of the preparation can be seen on the second or third day. The ultimate effect shows itself approximately two weeks after the procedure. As in the case of other preparations made through the use of this technology, the duration of the effect is about six months.

Thus, the preparation is characterized by affordable cost, instant effectiveness and long-term preservation of the effect. In order to avoid negative consequences it is worth consulting a specialist. Only then you can contact a Bocouture 50U supplier. Buy Bocouture 50U online discounts are waiting for you!