Ellanse L 1ml


Was created using an innovative manufacturing process to optimize performance and increase product safety. Each ELLANSE filler is designed for different facial areas.



About Ellanse L

Ellanse L The filler is designed using unique sustained performance tunable longevity and total bioresorbability technology. The active substance of the filler is polycaprolactone, which holds water in the tissues of the skin and fills and wrinkles. Due to this function, the filler stimulates the natural production of collagen. Due to this, the skin is restored naturally. The effect of the procedure is noticeable immediately after its completion, but the maximum result will be observed approximately 30 days after injections: wrinkles are smoothed, contours of the face are tightened, the lost volumes in the area of cheeks, cheeks, chin are restored, the skin looks healthy and radiant. The gel contains neither animals nor bacterial components capable of causing allergies.

How to buy Ellanse М online or buy Ellanse М wholesale?

You can buy Ellanse М in the online store Beauty Dermal. Beauty dermal is an Ellanse М supplier. Ellanse М price varies in different range, but the Beauty Dermal supplier offers the most advantageous value in the market of products.

What are the benefits of using a filler?

After injection of Ellanse М, you can solve the following problems:

  1. Align all kinds of deep wrinkles
  2. reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat and greasy skin
  3. tighten face shape and skin firmness
  4. Equalize slight asymmetry or blemishes on the face

The product can be inserted into the area of the lips, the area of the cheeks, chin and cheekbones and the area of the ears. The total effect of the filler is 30 months, after which the decay of the injected substances begins, which takes 1-2 months.

When it is forbidden to enter Ellanse М inject?

The product is completely safe and made in such a way that it does not cause allergies in patients. It is forbidden to enter the product during pregnancy, children under 18 years and patients with diabetes mellitus. The procedure should be postponed if viral and fungal infections are present, poor blood clotting, or inflammation at the site of infection. The contouring of this filler can be combined with other cosmetic procedures, but with an interval of 5 weeks after injection. After injection, bruising and redness may occur, which should disappear within the next couple of days. There may be pain during the introduction of the procedure as the composition of the product on anesthetics.