Fillmed (Filorga) Light Peel – Sensitive Skin (1x100ml)




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Fillmed (Filorga) LIGHT PEEL is a unique anti-aging peeling tool for sensitive skin, which was developed by well-known French cosmetic laboratory “Filorga”. This company concentrates its research and development activity primary on preparations against aging processes. In particular, FILORGA LIGHT PEEL improves the complexion, giving the skin radiance and operates as a therapy for superficial wrinkles.

Fillmed (Filorga) LIGHT PEEL is well tolerated by sensitive skin due to the gluconolactone element in the solution, which has the following properties:

antioxidant activity, comparable to the activity of vitamins C and E
hygroscopicity (moisturizing effect)
efficiency regarding enlarged pores, stagnant and inflammatory phenomena,
lipophilicity (anti-seborrheic and matting effect)
restores the barrier function of the stratum corneum
does not show photosensitizing action.
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The peeling solution (20%) of the drug contains such ingredients as gluconolactone (19%) and mandelic acid 1%; pH = 3. Product set includes a bottle of 100 ml, measuring cup and specific brush.

To achieve the optimal balance between the effectiveness of the drug and its tolerance to the skin, each Fillmed (Filorga) peel is a combination of several active components that provide directional effects due to the unique properties of acids.

Active substances in the agent have, in addition to specific peptides, their own properties. Therefore, depending on the function and purpose of each peel Fillmed (Filorga) , it includes various acids: glycolic, almond, phytic, lemon. In addition, the presence of gluconolactone in the solution ensures optimum tolerability of the patient’s body.