Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10 (3x3ml)




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Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10 is a quality biorevitalizer with a viscoelastic consistency, completely sterile and colorless. The drug is developed on the basis of hyaluronic acid, which has proven itself in cosmetology. This agent is prescribed in case of loss of healthy color and radiance, dehydration, lowering of elasticity. In addition, this preparation effectively allows you to fight with facial wrinkles.

The laboratory of “Filorga”, a well-known manufacturer of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in France, has produced this preparation. It has an excellent stimulating effect of prolonged exposure to cells of the human skin, triggers regenerative bioprocesses in the body, promotes rejuvenation and the return of the former healthy skin.

Biorevitalizer Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10 has a large number of advantages, confirmed by the opinions of thousands of patients. It allows:

to effectively moisturize and rejuvenate the skin
to get rid of pigmentation, to level a complexion and to get a healthy blush
get rid of post-acne and serious scars
to perform a non-surgical “lift” of the face oval
to accelerate the production of collagen due to the activation of the formation of fibroblasts
to eliminate acne
to enrich the skin with a variety of vitamins
to increase the thickness of the hair
to remove a set of wrinkles
to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.
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The formula of the agent is patented and has no analogs in the modern market among numerous cosmetic preparations. Purified by special technology, hyaluronic acid does not cause allergic reactions.

Biorevitalizer Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10 is used in cosmetology for the following purposes:

as a preventative tool against aging
to remove the first wrinkles on the young skin
for deep moistening of the skin, eliminating the first signs of skin aging
for the removal of scars and stretch marks
in bio-reinforcement
for improving the complexion, getting rid of the dull skin tone.
Fillmed (Filorga) M-HA 10 is usable for patients of different age groups, including the youngest, under the age of 30 years. Due to high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the agent restores age-related skin damage and protects it from subsequent serious age-related changes. The drug is used for the face and for other parts of the body – the neck, chest, hands. Due to its delicate consistency, FILORGA M-HA 10 is ideal for correcting the skin around the eyes and in places where the skin is thin enough.