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Fillmed Pre Peel by Filorga manufacturer is a facial agent based on gluconolactone and some other components. This composition is perfect for skin preparation before different chemical peelings and pH correction. What is included? Inside each box – 1 bottle with a capacity of 100 ml.

Basic Properties
The main Filorga Pre Peel ingridients include gluconolactone, sodium methylparaben, phenoxyethanol, and water. These components help the next stage of chemical peeling to deeper penetrate and cleanse the skin surface. The remedy is adjusts the pH of the skin, making the procedure safer and more comfortable for the client. It also cleans it, removing different contaminations in like makeup and excess fat. Filorga filler ingredients are suitable for all skin types.

Principle of Action
The product removes makeup and cleanses the skin from all kinds of contamination from the pores and excessive skin fat. After using the remedy, the skin is super purified and ready for the following procedure. As a result, the components of the chemical peels penetrate the skin tissues much easier for a better result.

Instructions for Use
Fillmed Free Peel should be used exclusively by doctors with relevant experience. It is not allowed for the home use and is suitable just for the professional chemical peeling. It is applied strictly before the procedure, avoiding the areas of under eyes and mouth. After a few minutes, the skin will be perfectly cleaned and ready for the next steps, allowing to get rid of all kinds of contaminations.

Where to Buy?
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