Jalupro (2x30mg/3ml + 2x100mg)




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After 25 years in our skin, the aging process starts, which results in the loss of collagen fibers. They are responsible for the elasticity of the skin’s surface, on average, by 1% per year. After a simple calculation, we get a loss of youthful skin by 15% by the age of 40. In some bodies, this number will be even higher due to the hormonal or genetic characteristics of the body.

However, this process can be slowed down, suspended and even brought back. One of the products that are successfully operating against aging and helping to restore the synthesis of collagen fibers is JALUPRO. It is an injection of highly concentrated solution based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which also includes a highly effective amino acid complex consisting of glycine, lysine, proline, leucine.

This is one of the most effective agents for correction of fading and dehydrated skin since it helps to restore the water balance of the skin visibly and quickly, restore elasticity, make up the deficit of collagen, activate its production in cells. Thanks to a double aimed effect on the skin (moisturizing and stimulating the synthesis of collagen simultaneously), JALUPRO has a very noticeable aesthetic effect.

The effect of this hyaluronate on the skin leads to:

  • Recovering of elasticity and radiance of face skin
  • Elimination of hyperpigmentation
  • Correction of fine superficial wrinkles
  • Replenishing balance in dehydrated areas and eliminate excessive dryness.

Improvement of the skin condition is noted starting from 2-3 weeks with the lasting of the result from 4 months to a year (depending on the number of procedures performed). Biorevitalization by JALUPRO shall be considered as rejuvenating procedures in the cases such as wilting and flabbiness of the skin, reducing its elasticity, photoaging, dryness, peeling and uneven tone.

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We can outline 5 top reasons for the JALUPRO usage:

  • Perfectly tolerated by most patients
  • An almost complete absence of allergic reactions
  • Suitable for skin hypersensitivity
  • Does not form seals on the skin and is not sensed as a foreign body
  • Has a long-lasting effect.

Included in the composition of JALUPRO components, thanks to an accurate calculation of the ratio of dosage and structure, make it possible to immediately eliminate the deficiencies of the skin with slower age changes. The components of the cocktail have a super-moisturizing effect with a long-lasting result. But most importantly, patients can observe the outcome within a few days.