Light Peel (Sensitive Skin) 100ml


Thanks to a carefully chosen duo of active ingredients, the chemical solution containing Gluconolactone and Mandelic acid, helps improve and smoothen the skin. More importantly, the ingredients are also adept to reducing skin irritation, hence making the peel well tolerated even on sensitive skin.



Smooth and bright skin is a dream of every woman and maybe even man. How to get it? Fillmed (Filorga) Light Peel is a perfect solution for sensitive skin that can turn dull and tired skin into shiny, clean, and healthy. Where to find it in the USA? You can buy Fillmed (Filorga) Light Peel (Sensitive Skin) 100ml at We offer retail and wholesale options.

Short info

Gender: for women.

Age: 25+, 27+, 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+.

Indications: antiaging, anti-wrinkles, cleansing.

Classification: professional.

Skin type: sensitive.

Manufacturing country: France.

Product group: facial peel.

Product properties

Peel remedy from Filorga is a chemical exfoliator, specifically designed for sensitive skin. It consists of 20% peeling solution plus 19% gluconolactone and 1% mandelic acid (pH = 3).

The set includes:

  • Acid peeling solution 20%, pH = 3 (100 ml)
  • Applicator Brush;
  • Measuring cup.

Mode of application

The remedy was designed for professional usage by the cosmetologists in the cosmetic clinics. The procedure is conducted in three stages and in total takes approximately ten minutes.

1. Cleansing and degreasing the skin (Pre Peel). To cleanse the epidermis from dead cells and sebum, apply the Pre Peel solution to previously cleansed skin for 1-2 minutes. Pre Peel creates optimal conditions for the action of the peeling solution.

2. Application of an acidic solution (Light Peel) containing glycolic acid. The holding time is 3 minutes during the first procedure. It increases gradually, depending on skin sensitivity and tolerance. The procedure may be accompanied by a feeling of warmth. This is normal. Slightly soreness means the glycolic peel is penetrating the top layers of the skin.

3. Neutralization (Post Peel). The solution is applied at the end of the peeling procedure. It quickly neutralizes the action of glycolic acid, moisturizes the surface layers of the epidermis, and regulates the pH of the skin. After neutralization, rinse the skin with water, dry it, and apply Filorga Neocica regenerating cream.

Recommendations for the peeling course:

  • 1 procedure every 14 days;
  • Course – 4 procedures;
  • 2 courses per year.


  • Anti-wrinkles effect;
  • Fights dull complexion;
  • Makes the skin radiant;
  • Evens the skin tone.

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