Lipoinject Medium-Large Area (20x24G/100mm)


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Fat elimination issues can be quite a challenge even with a rigorous diet and well-designed course of exercises. The paradox is that everyone concentrates on losing weight, but that target weight does not provide us the body shape we want. Therefore, localized lumps of fat over the hips, chin, and lower tummy develop, and it could be hard to remove them, for example, for the reason of genetics. Besides, while the overall weight decreases, the fat cells may shrink, but remaining the same number. With the calorie surplus, these cells start again storing fat and enlarge.

Intralipotherapy was developed especially for treating the stubborn fat pockets with a minimum invasion. It is aimed at safely deleting the fat, operating quickly and effectively. As we discovered, fats cells have to be dissolved to not reform again. LIPOINJECT MEDIUM-LARGE AREA needles are developed specifically for this intralipotherapy procedure.

Our lymphatic system works all the time to dissolve the redundant fat from the body. So, when exercise course and prescribed diet fail to burn off that excess of fat, the intralipotherapy comes, as a trusted method, which will help you achieve the desired contour of the body. Possible treatment sites, where LIPOINJECT MEDIUM-LARGE AREA might be applied include such areas:

  • saddlebags;
  • abdomen;
  • the inner side of the knee;
  • double chin;
  • thighs;
  • hips.

If you want to buy LIPOINJECT MEDIUM-LARGE AREA online at an affordable price, you should check Aesthetic Products Supply Internet store. LIPOINJECT MEDIUM-LARGE AREA intralipotherapy needles are manufactured using premium quality German steel and these needles are sharp. Also, we provide fast and quality shipping as well as professional and friendly support.

The LIPOINJECT MEDIUM-LARGE AREA needle delivers injected agents directly in all layers of the fat tissue. Due to this, the fat is eliminated almost completely comparing to the other tools for injection lipolysis preparations (drugs, specifically developed for dissolving the fat tissue), which operate with the usage of short 13 mm needle. Those simple needles are unable to get to the deeper layers of targeted tissue, and the most common is that only the superficial fat layers get affected.

According to the facts, mentioned above, intralipotherapy deserves the status of the most efficient procedure of dissolving fat cells. LIPOINJECT MEDIUM-LARGE AREA needles can guarantee patients the absence of pain during the procedure, thanks to the correct size of the device and easy penetration as a result.