Lipoinject Medium-Large Area 24G




About Lipoinject Medium-Large Area 24G
Lipoinject is a medical product consisting of needles for internal lipotherapy through which the fatty tissue penetrates the adipose tissue. When the liquid enters the fat cells, the body directs its forces to process the substance and thus burns the fat.

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What are the benefits of Lipoinject injection?
Thin needles made of quality German steel penetrate deeply into the adipose tissue and don’t cause pain. The solution of deoxycholic acid weakens the membranes of fat cells. Lipoinject should be administered by an experienced physician to avoid complications.

There is no point in introducing the product if the patient’s adipose tissue is less than 1.5 centimeters. Lipoinject can be introduced into such areas: chin, hands, hips, and abdomen because there is the largest accumulation of fat cells. The product works until the patient gains weight again, so Lipoinject cannot be considered a means of weight loss.

How often can I inject Lipoinject?
It is allowed to enter the fat-burning product once in 15 days. This interval can be extended up to 30 days as needed. The course of treatment is from 2 to 8 sessions.

What are the contraindications for the introduction of the Lipoidject?
Lipoinject is the way to correct the appearance without non-surgical lipoplasty. Such an approach is very safe. The procedure should be performed only after considering all aspects and features of the patient’s body and exclude any allergy to the composition of the product. The product should be administered with increased caution while injecting it to patients with coagulation disorders. Pain, redness, bleeding, or bruising may occur after injection as common side effects. But the symptoms are temporary and last for 7 days.

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