Lipoinject Small Area 25G




About Lipoinject Small Area
Lipoinject is used for the injection of internal fat dissolution and lipolytic effect. Needles for Lipoinject are very thin and made of steel, which can be used exclusively by doctors who have undergone medical specialization in this field.

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What are the benefits of Lipoinject over other fat-soluble drugs?
The Lipoinject product box consists of a 25G (0.50 x 70 mm) needle for small body areas. This concept of the needle is designed for homogeneous injection of the drug into deep layers of fat with minimal pain. The product is introduced into the adipose tissue and the human body processes the fluid while destroying the fat stores. After that, the area where the product was introduced is reduced and its outlines become clearer.

How many procedures do you need to achieve quality results?
Product introduction is performed once every 15 days, but the interval can be increased to 30 days as needed. The complete course includes 2-7 procedures, the exact amount of which you can consult with your specialist.

Where can I apply Lipoinject?
The specialist introduces the product in localized fat deposits, for the correction of double chin, fat deposits in the abdomen or thighs, in the shoulder, etc. The result after the procedure will be saved forever provided the patient does not gain weight again.

What are the contraindications for introducing this product?
Lipoinject is prohibited for pregnant women, patients who are hypersensitive to the components of the product, patients who have an autoimmune disease, acute or chronic skin diseases and patients who have problems with blood clotting. The product is not intended for general full-body action and is not suitable for weight loss. Injections may cause redness and swelling at the site of administration. Do not enter the product into the layers of the dermis, muscles, blood vessels, or cavities. It is not recommended to administer Lipoinject if the adipose tissue is less than 1.5 centimeters.

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