Mirena Non-English 52mg 1 IUD


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About Mirena Non-English

Mirena Non-English is an intrauterine spiral, the active substance of which is progestin Levonorgestrel. The spiral acts only in the uterus without affecting other organs, providing contraceptive and therapeutic action. Mirena has the form of a T-stem product made of plastic or polyethylene to which nylon type threads are attached. These threads make it easy to remove the device from the uterus. The T-stem contains a concentration of levonorgestrel, which is excreted daily in an amount of 20 micrograms and affects, in particular, the uterine cavity and its envelope on the endometrium. The core of the stem contains 52 milligrams of the active substance. Mirena provides efficacy as a contraceptive for up to 5 years from the date of administration.

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What are the indications for using Mirena?

The spiral should only be entered by a qualified technician. Mirena is administered during menstruation or within 7 days of onset of menstruation. With this introduction, the cervix is softer and easier access to the uterine cavity. Mirena can be given during lactation because circulating progestin does not interfere with the quality of breast milk.

How is a spiral introduced?

You can enter Mirena in any gynecological clinic that specializes in this issue. Local anesthesia and anti-spasm injections can be applied 60 minutes before the procedure, as needed. The procedure of administration of a spiral lasts no more than several minutes and does not cause strong painful feelings. Yes, there may be discomfort in the uterus after the procedure. In the first 2-3 months, during menstruation, the stronger spasms and blood flow may occur, but then these symptoms should go away. With Mirena, you can reduce amenorrhea blood loss. It is also advised to use for women who have menopause.

What are the contraindications to using Mirena?

Adverse reactions may occur after administration of a spiral into the uterus, but most of them occur when Mirena is used for therapeutic purposes rather than contraceptives. Frequent headaches, abdominal pain, changes like bleeding and various sexual excretions are possible. Also possible are conditions such as depression, nausea, acne, back pain, and breast pain. Bleeding, nausea or dizziness may occur when the spiral is removed.

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