About Nexplanon

Nexplanon is a contraceptive implant that is contained in a disposable applicator. The active substance of the remedy is etonogestrel (68 milligrams). This substance is a synthetic female hormone. The implant consists of a plastic base that is insoluble in the body. For the implant to be visible under X-ray light, it contains a small amount of barium sulfate. Within 24 hours the implant releases the active substance into the body and stops the product after 36 months from the moment of installation, after which it must be replaced.

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How does Nexplanon implant work?

Nexplanon is inserted under the skin of the hand and has a contraceptive effect. The implant, due to the action of the hormone, interferes with the ovulation process in the uterus. Because ovulation does not occur, changes in the cervical mucus begin and because of this, the sperm cannot fertilize the egg. The implant can be replaced with tablets, but the advantage of Nexplanon is that it does not contain estrogen. If you are planning a pregnancy, a specialist will remove the implant and your performance will return without adverse effects.

What are the disadvantages and side effects of Nexplanon?

The type of your menstrual bleeding may change after inserting the implant. It may intensify for the first 3 months but then return to its natural state. Only a professional doctor can introduce the implant because if the product is placed incorrectly, its effect will not be possible. In case of a mistake, the removal of the implant will be painful and difficult. Consult your doctor before taking the product and rule out allergies, thrombosis, liver problems, vaginal bleeding of unknown origin. Do not use Nexplanon after the expiration date or when the product packaging is damaged. During the action of Nexplanon, acne, headache, weight gain, hair loss, irregular bleeding may occur. The patient also may be depressed with mood swings, nervousness, frequent nausea, and rarely vomiting. Also, blood pressure and oily skin may occur.

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