What is the treatment period of the product?

A separate syringe must be used for each new procedure. Injections are made with a different range of locations, each re-introduction of the product should be approximately 2.5 cm from the previous site. It is recommended to administer 125 milligrams once a week. The length of the course may vary, it depends on the individual characteristics of the body, so the term you should discuss with your doctor.



About Orencia

Orencia contains the active substance of abatacept and is intended for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Doctors apply Orencia for patients with various forms of arthritis and the immune system attacks that leads to inflammation of these tissues. Orencia prevents such attacks of the immune system and reduces joint and bone pain.

How much does Orencia cost at the Beauty Dermal store?

You can buy Orencia online at Beauty Dermal оnline wholesale and retail. Our supplier offers you favorable prices in the market for these products. All goods are of high quality and are delivered to all standards.

What are the benefits of the Orencia injection?

With the action of the active substance, you can get rid of the symptoms of your illness, slow down bone and joint damage and improve your physical function.