Perfectha Finelines




About Perfectha FineLines

Perfectha FineLines is a lightweight and ductile gel, based on hyaluronic acid. The active substance is bacteria-based, which is compatible with the skin cells of the patient, does not cause serious adverse reactions and helps the body to produce natural collagen. With the only 0.5 milliliters of the remedy, the wrinkles can be smoothed over a fairly large area of the face. The gel does not contain an anesthetic, so before injecting it is necessary to anesthetize the area for greater patient comfort.

What is the Perfectha FineLines price at the online shop Вeauty Dermal?

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What are the benefits of Perfectha FineLines among other fillers?

Due to its plasticity and density, the product is easy to enter. Thanks to its formula, the gel gives the skin elasticity and strengthens it. The results can be seen immediately after the procedure. The action of the active substance is from 25 to 42 weeks, after which the decay begins and hyaluronic acid is excreted through the blood and sweating, and the production of collagen continues in the body. After 6 months you can be re-injected for a more lasting result. The filler is used to fill the area under the eyes, fill the small and medium wrinkles, correct asymmetry and tighten the skin. Biogel creates a hyaluronic mesh under the skin of the patient, making the skin look healthy and aesthetically beautiful.

What are the contraindications for Perfectha FineLines injection?

Before taking an injection course, make sure that the patient is not sensitive to the composition of the product. It is not recommended to administer the product if the patient has herpes, flu, or the patient has the tendency to scarring. It is forbidden to enter the product during pregnancy and lactation. After the procedure, special skincare is required to keep the result as long as possible.

Can І buy Perfectha FineLines online in the USA and can I buy Perfectha FineLines wholesale?

With the services of Beauty Dermal, you can order Perfectha FineLines with delivery to the USA. We guarantee you quality products, reliable and fast delivery and availability of goods in stock. If you have any questions, you can discuss them with our operators to help you solve them.