Portable Sonic Skin Scrubber




Portable Sonic Skin Scrubber
Helps to remove and reduce wrinkles, dark spots, dead skin and other skin problems.

Wave Length is 35~36nm  / 28~29kHz
Size: 2″ x 7″

How To Use A Skin Scrubber Blade:

Step 1: Exfoliate – spray on organic toner or serum while skin is moist apply tip at 45 degree angle, in a downward motion move slowly all over face, you will see blackheads and skin cells blast off of face as well as collect on tip of device.  Tip: lift the skin in blackhead areas with thumb and index finger ‘pinching’ the section to put more pressure under the blackheads.

Step 2: Penetration/Muscle Toning: apply thin layer of serum or moisturizer flip the tip over hold flat on skin, move in an upward motion all over face it will vaporize your moisturizer creating tiny molecules easy for the skin to absorb. This action will heat and massage the skin stimulating more collagen and elastin growth, shown in independent studies.

Superior Quality (Made in Korea)

***1 Year Warranty***