Restylane Kysse with Lidocaine (1x1ml)


Creates fuller plumper lips with a beautifully defined contour



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Changing the shape and correcting the volume of the lips today is not surprising. Young girls, middle-aged women, elderly ladies, and even men – everyone wants to have harmonious facial features and make a pleasant impression on others. Plump and sensual lips make the face younger and more energetic. And often as an optimal option, doctors choose to contour plastics with hyaluronic acid based fillers that provide a delicate aesthetic result.

RESTYLANE KYSSE with 0,3% LIDOCAINE is available as a transparent gel based on hyaluronic acid with a density of 20 mg/ml. The corrective agent contains an anesthetic – lidocaine 0.3%. Additional anesthesia is required only when the patient has a very high sensitivity to pain. The drug is injected into the deep layers of the dermis and subdermally.

RESTYLANE KYSSE with 0,3% LIDOCAINE is produced by a unique method – “Optimal Balance Technology”, providing a soft and long-lasting effect. The gel of such a density is easily injected, evenly distributed under the skin. Side effects from it are minimal, and the result is quite predictable.

At the same time, in comparison with other fillers of lower density, RESTYLANE KYSSE with 0,3% LIDOCAINE is slower to decompose and it holds the volume longer. The effect of the procedure with this agent lasts 6-12 months, depending on the lifestyle and age of the patient.

RESTYLANE KYSSE with 0,3% LIDOCAINE successfully operates with such issues:

  • Natural increase in volume, lip contour correction
  • Elimination of asymmetry of the mouth
  • Raising the corners of the lips
  • Smoothing wrinkles on the lips and around the mouth
  • Moisturizing the skin.

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The result of the filling will be seen immediately after the injection session. Lips will acquire a natural volume, dryness will disappear and wrinkles will be smoothed out by using RESTYLANE KYSSE with 0,3% LIDOCAINE. Nevertheless, the delicate skin of the lips in the future will require regular care, which involves correction. The recommended interval between such injections is at least six months.

The stabilized hyaluronic acid of inorganic origin is well tolerated by the human body and does not cause allergic reactions. Therefore, hyaluronic acid injections are considered to be the safest method of eliminating cosmetic deficiencies.