Restylane Lidocaine 1ml


Restylane 1ml Lidocaine became a golden standard for eliminating fine line, wrinkles, and folds. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid perfectly binds with the water molecules in the tissues, fills all the creases and hollow areas, ensuring smooth surface and inner rejuvenating while Lidocaine makes the procedure comfortable and painless.



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Currently, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies produce a large number of dermal fillers. Their main task is to combat skin imperfections and improve the appearance of facial features. They are most often used to remove wrinkles and folds, neutralize scars and improve the shape of the lips and cheekbones. One of the advanced preparations is Restylane Lidocaine 1 ml available from this Restylane Lidocaine 1 ml supplier.

General Description of the Product

Restylane Lidocaine is a dermal filler. Hyaluronic acid is its main component. The product is used strictly in the target zones. The purpose of its use is to fill in certain wrinkles and lines, as well as to increase the volume of the lips and cheekbones.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is natural in the body and acts as the main tissue component. It is also a very hydrophobic composition that helps to attract water in order to moisturize the skin. Hyaluronic acid does not show any specific action. This, in turn, entails minimization of allergic manifestations.

You can buy Restylane Lidocaine 1 ml online wholesale with the concentration of the main component in the composition 20 milligrams per milliliter. The size of the gel particles is 400 microns (i.e. it is 100,000 particles per milliliter). Through the use of the preparation it is possible to obtain optimal results. One of the most common areas of use of the preparation is the elimination of deformity in the area of the lacrimal cavity.

Product Advantages Coupled with Restylane Lidocaine 1 ml Price Discounts

The preparation is to be introduced into the area of the middle dermis. It is used for instant filling of wrinkles, regardless of the depth of their “occurrence”. It fights against both minor imperfections and large folds that aggravate the general condition of the skin. The results depend on the individual characteristics of the skin. However, traditionally, the effect of the preparation lasts 6-9 months, which is not very much in comparison with the other products of the line.

Due to the presence of the anesthetic substance in the composition there is no pain during the procedure, that is, the patient does not feel unpleasant sensations.

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Product Packaging Arrangement

The product is sold in the classic packaging arrangement. There is the preparation itself in a 1 ml syringe (1 piece) in the package. You will also find a thin needle, a cannula and instructions for use of the preparation.

Why Buy Restylane Lidocaine 1 ml Online: Indications for Use

Due to the competent use of this drug, it is possible to solve an impressive number of tasks:

  • elimination of large wrinkles and folds on the face;
  • replenishment of tissue volume mainly in the area of the lips and cheekbones;
  • filling in the skin in order to give it a perfect appearance.

Thus, the preparation is affordable and effective. This is evidenced by numerous reviews.