Restylane Lyps Lidocaine 1ml


The Restyline Lyps Lidocaine filler belongs to the new generation of cosmetic fillers. It was made in order to ensure a thorough and delicate correction of facial contours and lip augmentation. To prevent the patient from experiencing any discomfort during the procedure, the manufacturer added a fast acting and highly effective anesthetic to the composition.



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RESTYLANE LYPS with LIDOCAINE is the authority in the market of preparations for aesthetic medicine. First of all, it was recognized by scientists as absolutely safe. This agent is non-toxic since it includes natural components for the human body. The effect of correction appears in the first hours after the injection of the implant, and the maximum result can be seen just in one month after the procedure.

The basis of RESTYLANE LYPS with LIDOCAINE is the formula of stabilized hyaluronic acid of synthetic, non-animal origin. The substance has no neurotoxic effect, is a natural component of skin tissue. During the entire period of drug applying, there were no cases of rejection or allergic reaction. This implant, based on hyaluronic acid, is characterized by reliability, harmlessness, biocompatibility and high productivity in correction.

The main advantages of RESTYLANE LYPS with LIDOCAINE are:

  • High efficiency. The result can be observed immediately after the injection when the condition of the injected area is normalized. The gel retains relief and contours up to 9 months, in some cases up to 12 months.
  • Biological compatibility. Since the preparation does not contain foreign bodies, the implant is well absorbed and interacts with the natural components of the dermis.
  • Improved composition. RESTYLANE LYPS with LIDOCAINE is enriched with anesthetic, so clients of beauty salons and clinics do not feel any pain or any discomfort during the procedure.
  • Safety. Adverse reactions have a temporary, transient nature. Experts do not observe serious complications.
  • Ease of injection. To inject the filler, you can use needles with a small diameter – 29G. The usage of the cannula reduces the risk of hemorrhage to a minimum.
  • Versatility. RESTYLANE LYPS with LIDOCAINE is suitable for patients of different ages, but the recommended age range is 20-50 years.

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This volume corrector is characterized by the absence of complex side effects, prolonged action and multitasking. With the help of RESTYLANE LYPS with LIDOCAINE, cosmeticians perform contour plastic, eliminate facial and deep wrinkles in the circumference of the mouth, restore the lost volume of tissue, and fill the lips. Hyaluronic acid improves the plasticity of the lips and provokes the production of a natural component of youth and skin elasticity – collagen.