Restylane Volyme 1ml Lidocaine (Emervel Volume)




Restylane Volyme 1ml Lidocaine (Emervel Volume)
Restylane Volyme, or previously known as Emervel Volume, is another great HA based dermal filler used to create a youthful appearance to your face. Specifically crafted with Optimal Balance Technology, this filler merges with the skin’s matrix to restore lost facial volume as a result of aging. Optimal Balance Technology (OBT) offers soft gel textures that are distributed more evenly along fine lines and wrinkles to lift the areas and add volume. Essentialy, these softer textures are visible on the face, and is how a “soft look” is achieved.

Volyme is most comonly used on areas of the face such as the cheeks, jawline, and anywhere else volume loss is experienced. With the addition of Lidocaine, the procedure is on the less painful spectrum and has a proven high acceptance rate by the skins barrier. Restylane Volyme 1mL Lidocaine is one of the most high quality fillers on the market, with clinical studies demonstrating that 90% of patients would return for more treatments and 96% claiming the finished look is natural.

Indications for Use
recontouring of facial features
loss of facial volume
restoring of volume in jaw, cheeks and chin
complete rejuvination of face
painless procedure
do not use if you have allergy or hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acids, lidocaine or amide local anaesthetics
do not use if you have porphyria
do not use if there is inflimmation, infection, active disease or tumor near treatment area
do not inject intravascularly
do not use on patients using immunosuppressants
caution: this products has not been tested in pregnant or breastfeeding women
caution: do not use in children