Juvederm Hydrate 1ml


Some products from the Juvederm series allow you to save the result for 12 months. And against the background of similar means that guarantee the effect for 6-7 months, this is a significant advantage.

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About Juvederm Hydrate

The molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid molecules, which is included in the composition of the product is 2500 kDa. And the more organic molecules are, the more time a body spends on their decomposition, and the longer the effect of the injection of the product lasts.

Its main distinguishing feature from other products of the line is the presence in its composition of another ingredient, antioxidant mannitol.

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The product for skin rejuvenation Thanks to the mannitol:

  • The membranes of skin cells are less susceptible to the destructive action of free radicals;
  • The molecules of hyaluronic acid decompose at a lower speed, which increases the duration of the product almost 3 times.

The Juvederm Hydrate product is biorevitalizant on the basis of hyaluronic acid. It has the lowest density in the Juvederm line and according to its consistence it is more like solution than gel. It is used for biorevitalization, deep injectional moisturizing of the dermis. Mannitol helps to saturate the skin with the necessary moisture and fight against free radicals.

The Juvederm Hydrate is manufactured by the American Allergan concern and it is an intradermal gel-implant, based on hyaluronic acid, that is not a filler as such. The fillers are designed mainly for the injection into the cavity formed by age or natural degradation of the skin (wrinkles and folds) and for the formation of a depot of hyaluronic acid, which “pushes” the wrinkles and fills them with gel.

Biurovitalizant Juvederm Hydrate is designed for skin biorevitalisation – a unique method of deep moisturizing of the skin. With age (after 25) our cells stop producing polysaccharide, which is responsible for skin moisturizing – hyaluronic acid, as well as natural collagen and elastin, which provide elasticity of the skin. At the same time, the level of production of hyaluronidase – a substance that decomposes the molecules of HA – is increasing, which leads to skin aging. The task of modern cosmetology is to supply the dermis with the active substance of hyaluronic acid with a molecule of such size that it would be small enough to pass the epidermal barrier, but big enough to remain as long as possible and not degraded by the action of hyaluronidase.

Creams with HA can only moisturize the dermis, because the molecules of their active substance are too large to penetrate into the subcutaneous layers. However, intradermal injection of the filler on the basis of hyaluronic acid in the upper layers of the dermis and dermis-epidermal areas helps to restore the properties of the intercellular matrix and activate metabolic processes. Due to the synthesis of hyaluronate

with a rather high degree of reticulation, Juvederm Hydrate allows not only to get an instantaneous effect of smoothing and moisturizing of the skin, but also retains the effect for a long time (in some cases, up to a year).

Biurevitalizant contains 13.5 mg of active substance, which is 1000 times higher than in the epidermis cells and 200 – in the layer of the dermis. In addition to HA and mannitol, Juvederm Hydrate also includes phosphate buffer pH 7,2, which provides more convenient injection of the product and better compatibility with the patient’s tissues.

Hyaluronic acid molecules have the ability to draw and retain moisture in cells, due to which the skin becomes more moisturized, elastic, radiant, and acquires a pleasant shade and structure.

The Juvederm Hydrate biorevitalizant is designed for deep moisturizing and giving the skin of patients aged 25-35 youthful look. For the older age group, this product is, rather, an auxiliary product.

The benefits of Juvederm Hydrate

Juvederm Hydrate allows, due to injection into the superficial layers of the skin, to moisturize, enhance skin tone, give it the elasticity, which is inherent in the young epidermis. A record amount of molecular weight of hyaluronic acid (2500 kDa) and optimal strength allow fillers to draw the maximum amount of moisture into the skin cells and retain it for a long time.

The second advantage is the presence of mannitol, which protects cells from the destructive effect of free radicals, and also increases the endurance of the product almost three times.

Finally, a steady result from the use of Juvederm Hydrate is visible after the second or third procedure, so that the beauty and youth of the skin in the process of use is “available”

Indications for use and the results of the use of the Juvederm Hydrate product

The product is injected directly into the layer of the mesoderm or into the area between the epidermis and the dermis. At such depth of injection, blood vessels are not injured and there is practically no haematoma after injection, but the product manifests its effective impact. The amount of the product and the scheme of punctures is determined by a specialist, depending on the characteristics of the patient’s face.

Juvederm Hydrate is used for:

  • deep moisturizing of the skin of the face,
  • elimination of flabbiness of the superficial layer of the skin,
  • return skin its iradiance, elasticity, tone,
  • elimination of dehydration of the skin on the hands, in the area of the décolleté and neck,
  • elimination of pigment spots,
  • elimination of an unpleasant sensation of dry skin in any of the areas mentioned above,
  • returning skin its normal look after peeling or other aggressive treatments

Juvederm Hydrate is usually used within 3 procedures with intervals of 2-3 weeks. The effect of such a course usually lasts for 1 year. In the case of severe dehydration or factors that negatively affect the skin

(smoking, stress, fatigue, age more than 35), it is better to conduct the procedure once every six months.

As a result of subcutaneous injection of Juvederm Hydrate, the skin evens fine wrinkles, increases the tonus, slows down the aging processes of the skin and the effect of lifting is felt.

Contraindications and precautions

Despite the fact that Juvederm Hydrate is a completely safe, minimally traumatic, completely biodegradable substance, there are still a number of precautions that must be followed, as well as a list of side effects that may occur individually in some patients.

Immediately after the injection, there is a high probability of developing of papules on the skin (bubbles after needle puncture), redness at the injection site, swelling, itching and unpleasant sensations during palpation. These symptoms last for 2-5 days, and if they continue to disturb the client and even intensify, this is a reason for consulting with a specialist.

After carrying out biorevitalization, the patient must refrain from visiting a Turkish bath, sauna, hot tub, swimming pool, massage of a treated area, heavy physical activity for 14 days.

List of contraindications:

  • allergy to the components of the product,
  • scarring at the area of product injection,
  • predisposition to the formation of keloids,
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • the presence of subcutaneous fillers and implants at the place of treatment,
  • upper respiratory tract infection (URTI),
  • skin diseases,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • age up to 18.

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The form of release: 1 syringe x 1.0 m


  • 1 syringe with Juvederm Hydrate Filler
  • Needle 27G 1/2 – 2 pcs
  • instruction for use