Surgiderm 24XP




Surgiderm 24xp is a filler based on hyaluronic acid. The purpose of its use is to correct folds and wrinkles around the mouth. It also works effectively in the area of the forehead and eyebrows. The main task that the preparation solves is to correct the contour of the face and give it some volume. The preparation has a dense texture and makes it possible to lift the zygomatic part in particular and the facial contours as a whole. It is easy to buy Surgiderm 24xp online (discounts are offered).

General Description
The subcutaneous filler is a gel made on the basis of synthesized acid. It is not animal-derived and has a density of 24 milligrams per milliliter. There is also phosphate buffer in it. The technique which is used to make the preparation is called Hyaluronic Acid Matrix. Due to its peculiarities, the product is elastic, soft and rather viscous.

Buy Surgiderm 24xp to Appraise HA Molecules
Due to the unique formula, it is not difficult for the manufacturer to carry out the synthesis of the HA molecule which can later become “covered” with cross-links. Due to these bonds, the molecule becomes stable and resistant to negative impact from the outside. The effect is prolonged. The mechanism of the action of the preparation is based on the properties of the main component. It is capable of attracting moisture and retaining it, as well as filling in the voids and saturating tissue structures with a sufficient amount of moisture.

The preparation is most often used to correct wrinkles of medium depth. It also eliminates the creases near the nose, lips and eyebrows. Using these fillers, a specialist can get brighter and fuller lips. Any Surgiderm 24xp supplier will tell you that it is a frequent component used in plastic surgery. The preparation goes through several steps of purification, which guarantees its complete safety. It is also accompanied with certificates and is 100% compliant with the European quality standards.

Advantages of Using the Preparation
The preparation is endowed with several positive aspects:

organic compatibility with the patient’s tissue structures, the absence of allergic reactions and the necessity of undergoing special tests;
instant results, visible almost immediately after the procedure;
prolonged effect, ranging from one to one and a half years, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body and skin;
a high level of density, which makes it possible to use the filler in order to combat very deep folds;
ease of use and the absence of rejection;
the possibility of correcting an unsuccessful result by administering a dose of another agent, hyaluronidase, without any side effects and adverse responses.
The Effect Worth the Surgiderm 24xp Price
The preparation is introduced under the skin through the use of thin needles, so the patient does not feel pain. In case of a high level of pain sensitivity, the patient may be given anesthesia. The effect is noticeable instantly ‒ the wrinkles become invisible, the contours of the face become distinct.

You must admit that the effect is impressive enough to buy Surgiderm 24xp online wholesale and test it if you have not done it yet.