Surgiderm 30XP (2×0.8ml)




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This transparent, monophasic, homogeneous gel has the largest density of the entire SURGIDERM line of the French company “Corneal”, which is now a part of the “Allergan” concern – the leader in the production of beauty products, including the famous BOTOX.

SURGIDERM 30XP is produced by synthesis of the so-called matrix structure of the molecule of hyaluronic acid, which is the basis of the preparation. This production technology, which includes several phases of purification and synthesis of the active substance, was called the 3D Hyaluronic Acid Matrix.

The peculiarity of production lies in the fact that SURGIDERM 30XP is more resistant to the factors of destruction, the gel itself is denser, homogeneous and viscous. This formula increases the biodegradation period of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which in itself is completely biodegradable. The method of bacterial fermentation to which the substance is produced meets the requirements of European standards.

SURGIDERM 30XP successfully operates with such issues as:

  • “Sagging” of the face oval
  • “Sagging” of the corners of the eyebrows and lips
  • Filling the deficit of tissues of cheeks
  • Correction and giving volume to the lips
  • Elimination of flabbiness of the skin
  • Filling deep nasolabial and interbrow folds
  • Elimination of scars.

High density and dynamic viscosity of SURGIDERM 30XP allows it to easily cope with the correction of a sufficiently deep deficit of tissues on the face. A filler is used to fill deep wrinkles and creases on the face, which allows you to achieve the effect of non-surgical “lifting” of the face.

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SURGIDERM 30XP enhances the skin turgor of the entire face, provides lifting of the contours, raises the corners of the lips and eyebrows, fills wrinkles by injecting the drug into the deeper layers of the skin. However, this preparation shall not be used to eliminate wrinkles in the paraorbital area, and it must not be injected into muscles, mammary glands, ligaments.

Hyaluronic acid, contained in the preparation, effectively attracts and retains moisture in the tissues, due to which the effect persists for a long period – 12-18 months. The result is considered the most prolonged of all preparations of this brand line.

Operations with SURGIDERM 30XP have some age limitations: patients may increase their lips by this drug right after 18 years; if they want to eliminate problems with wrinkles, folds and face relief – it is recommended after 40 years of age.