Synvisc One 6ml


How is the product introduced?

Synvisc One is injected with an 18-20 gauge needle. Before introducing the product, make sure that the specialist has passed the relevant qualification. You cannot re-insert one needle and do not use the product if the packaging has been damaged. You can enter 6 milliliters of fluid into one knee. If you need to bring the product to another knee then unpack the new syringe.



About Synvisc One

Synvisc One is a transparent homogeneous gel composed of Hylan A and Hylan B polymers that are synthesized from chicken combs. Hulan molecules are crosslinked, providing better protection. The remedy also includes hyaluronan – a polymer containing disaccharides such as Na-glucuronate-N-acetylglucosamine. Synvisc-One is used to treat pain in osteoarthritis. Injections are given when physical activity methods and tablet products are not effective anymore.

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