Teosyal Global Action (2x1ml)




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The hyaluronic acid-based filler TEOSYAL GLOBAL ACTION is produced by the Swiss company “TEOXANE”. This is a preparation for contour plastics, a kind of aesthetic medicine which has become an alternative to operational rejuvenation. As in many aspects related to a person’s appearance, rejuvenation injections are the best way, to begin with after 25-30 years. At such period the skin slows the production of our natural polysaccharide, responsible for the youth of the epidermis and dermis – the hyaluronic acid.

With the appearance of the first moderately expressed wrinkles, injection of TEOSYAL GLOBAL ACTION will help restore the skin’s former elasticity and elegance to facial features. High fluidity of this agent allows injections with a thin needle (30G ½), so the procedure is almost painless and less traumatic.

This intradermal gel with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid (25 mg / g) forms under the skin “cushions” that literally “push” wrinkles outward, smooth out the skin, accumulate a sufficient amount of moisture in the cells to maintain the effect during the 6- 9 months.

After some time, which depends on the individual characteristics of the client’s skin, TEOSYAL GLOBAL ACTION resolves, and there is a need for re-correction. However, this preparation shows a cumulative effect, so repeated injection requires less amount of the filler.

Contour plastic with the help of TEOSYAL GLOBAL ACTION will solve such issues as:

Eliminate moderately expressed wrinkles in the perioral and nasolabial area
Smooth out the first wrinkles on the forehead and eliminate the crease between the eyebrows
Increase the lips and create a beautiful contour
Eliminate small wrinkles and make lifting in the corners of the lips and eyebrows.
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The action of the filler is distinguished by its delicate and natural effect. Therefore it is used when the very first wrinkles of small and medium depth appear approximately after 30 years. Also, TEOSYAL GLOBAL ACTION has the great demand when carrying out contour plastic for men, when it is especially important that the cosmetic intervention is not noticeable.

TEOSYAL GLOBAL ACTION is more resistant to biodegradation, so the effect lasts so long. At the same time, the acid is homogeneous, monophasic, soft, elastic, hypoallergenic and safe.