Teosyal Kiss (2x1ml)




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Swiss laboratory “TEOXANE” presented a few years ago a unique niche product of the TEOSYAL line for creating beautiful sensual lips, correction of wrinkles in the perioral region and deep moisturizing of the lips. The hyaluronic acid-based filler TEOSYAL KISS immediately took the leading position in the market of aesthetic medicine preparations, and there are several reasons for this.

High standards of production of fillers of the TEOXANE laboratory are appreciated by the International Pharmacopoeia, which requirements for today are even lower than the quality level of the company’s preparations. Side-effects and allergic reactions of using TEOSYAL brand occur in only 1 case out of 15 000.

Patented production technology allows creating additional bonds in hyaluronic acid molecules, which makes it more stable and helps to stay TEOSYAL KISS in tissues longer than many similar drugs.

Thus, with TEOSYAL KISS you can get the following effects:

Form a beautiful, symmetrical, clear lips contour
Give extra volume to your lips
Eliminate dryness and flaking of the lips, moisten the area around the mouth
Eliminate wrinkles around the lips and on the chin
Raise lowered corners of the lips.
TEOSYAL KISS has a high degree of concentration of hyaluronic acid – 25 mg / g. Molecules of hyaluronic acid, which are injected into the deep layers of the skin, create inside the “depot” of hyaluronic acid. It “lifts” the surface, attracts moisture into the cells, saturates and nourishes the surface of the lips and activates biological processes in the skin. Due to this effect, the lips look bulky, clearer, brighter and younger.

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The area of the lips is perhaps the most delicate on the whole face, so it requires a special approach for modeling. Due to the high degree of fluidity, plasticity, and softness of TEOSYAL KISS, the injection of the filler is carried out with the help of the finest needles 27G ½, so the procedure is minimally traumatic and quite comfortable for the client.

The non-animal origin of hyaluronic acid in the TEOSYAL KISS guarantees their hypoallergenic interaction and full biocompatibility with human tissues. The effect from the injection of TEOSYAL KISS will be visible almost immediately, but the client will be able to observe the final shape only after 2 weeks.