Teosyal Meso (2x1ml)




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Modern cosmetology cannot be imagined without such a component as hyaluronic acid. This natural substance is contained in the cells of our skin, providing moisture, restructuring and the necessary protective barrier for the dermis. However, with age, the body produces less and less this substance, the skin becomes drier and more vulnerable to external negative factors. Today, cosmetology offers many ways to slow the aging process. The most popular methods are contour plastic, biorevitalization, and mesotherapy.

The Swiss laboratory “Teoxane” has developed a whole line of TEOSYAL products to operate with the advancing age-related changes. This series includes both classical fillers based on hyaluronic acid and agents for biorevitalization. The popular drug for biorevitalization is TEOSYAL MESO – a preparation for deep moisturizing of the skin and restoration of its original young appearance.

TEOSYAL MESO shall be applied in following cases when it:

Helps restore the skin after laser exposure, chemical or mechanical damage, excessive sunburn
Moisturizes the skin, removes wrinkles caused by dehydration, saturates and nourishes the skin
Returns tension to the skin, providing the lifting effect, restores skin tone
Prevents the appearance of the first deep wrinkles
Acts as a part of the prophylactic system of facial skin care after the age of 25, operating with the aging process
Eliminates wrinkles and moisturizes the skin of the neck, décolletage, and hands
Narrows the pores, heals and improves the color and texture of the skin.
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TEOSYAL MESO is synthesized on the basis of hyaluronic acid of the highest quality. Swiss technologies allow not only to achieve a high degree of purification from proteins and bacteria but also bind the chains inside the molecule in such a way that the substance has a more stable and resistant structure, which means that it lasts longer under the skin.

The non-animal origin of the active substance guarantees almost a complete absence of allergic reactions, rejection, and side-effects. The results of biorevitalization with TEOSYAL MESO are visible within a few days after the course of procedures. It is recommended to inject the drug every 10-14 days with a course of 5-6 sessions. With such a schedule of injections, it is possible to achieve the most noticeable and prolonged effect.