Teosyal Puresense Ultimate 3ml




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A development from the Swiss laboratory Teoxane – intensive filler TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL, based on modified hyaluronic acid, is currently one of the best fillers for volume correction and contours of the middle and lower facial parts (cheeks, cheekbones, chin).

Numerous clinical studies have proven high efficacy and complete safety for the patient’s body while using TEOSYAL fillers. A true volumizer from the “Ultimate” series allows you to quickly return the skin to the lost youth, to fill it with freshness and health.

The basis of TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL is two active substances – cross-linked hyaluronic acid and lidocaine. Natural hyaluronic acid for the body is modified by the patented “RHA technology”, due to which the molecules acquire different shapes and areas biocompatible as possible with human tissues.

Getting under the skin, sodium hyaluronate begins to fill the emptiness of the relief, as well as accumulate around itself particles of water and thus smoothing wrinkles. The laboratory of “Teoxane” strictly monitors compliance with the pharmacological requirements of the European Union and exceeds them several times. TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL undergoes several stages of purification from free proteins, BDDE residues, and bacterial endotoxins, which minimizes the risk of adverse reactions and complications after the procedure. Thus, the patient receives a product of absolute safety and the highest quality.

Injection implant TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL provides such effects:

volume rejuvenation
correcting the contours and oval of the face
filling the problem areas, especially the moving parts of the face – cheekbones, and forehead
TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL has well proven in eliminating sunken cheeks and temples, restoring the volume of depressions on the face.
After the procedure, the skin becomes elastic and elastic, the tone rises and the natural complexion returns. Aesthetic Products Supply internet shop provides a good price on TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL as well as appropriate shipping in case you want to buy it online. Don’t hesitate to ask our specialist for additional information.

TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL additionally contains lidocaine, which provides a painless procedure, easy and comfortable injection of the drug. To sum up, TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE 3mL is designed specifically for working with facial skin, aimed at volume correction.