Teosyal Puresense Ultra Deep (2x1ml)




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All fillers of the Teosyal range differ in their purpose, depending on the density and softness of the gel. The densest filler in the series – TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml – is designed to operate with age-related problems in patients with dense, porous skin.

High concentration of hyaluronic acid of 25 mg / g and the degree of reticulation of 5 allow the drug to effectively saturate the skin with this indispensable polysaccharide, which is responsible for the extension of our youth.

Hyaluronic acid filler TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml is distinguished by the highest quality and purity thanks to a unique technology. It undergoes a complex process of purification from residual proteins and the products of the vital activity of bacteria. Thus, the substance is obtained clean, stable, soft, homogeneous, viscous, biocompatible with the skin and safe.

Hyaluronic acid in TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml is synthesized artificially, that is, it is of non-animal origin, which minimizes adverse reactions and rejection of the drug. Over time, this substance biodegrades, and to maintain the effect it will require to repeat injection of hyaluronate.

The filler is injected into the deep layers of the dermis and is smoothly and slowly distributed by a specialist in the cavities of wrinkles, folds or lips. After the injection, the beautician can slightly massage the area of the face to more evenly distribute the gel under the skin.

However, TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml has a number of contraindications regarding its usage:

Allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid or lidocaine
Autoimmune diseases
SARS, fever
Herpes and skin rashes
Pregnancy and lactation
Age less than 18 years.
With special attention, the drug shall be used regarding people with problems with the heart or any other complex system in the body. You can buy TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml at a good price online here, in store Aesthetic Products Supply. We provide fast and professional shipping as well.

After using the filler, there may be some unpleasant sensations: the appearance of bruises and edema, a slight itching or burning. These symptoms should disappear within 1-3 days. If more serious complications, such as an allergic reaction, severe swelling, necrosis, discoloration of the skin, visible uneven distribution of the drug, etc. begin to disturb the client over time, he should immediately consult a specialist and take measures to eliminate the symptoms.