Teosyal RHA2 (2x1ml)




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The company Teoxane, a well-known by high-quality products, based on hyaluronic acid, offered a line of principally new TEOSYAL RHA fillers exclusively for correcting the problems of dynamic areas of the face and body, as the most vulnerable to all kinds of changes. The safety of those preparations is confirmed by CE and numerous clinical studies with positive results.

TEOSYAL RHA2 contains a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, unique in its filling, at a concentration of 23 mg/ml, manufactured using the patented technique of “stored networks”. This technology allows preventing the destruction of high molecular chains of sodium hyaluronate during its crosslinking into the gel. The dynamic structure of the molecule of hyaluronic acid completely adapts to the natural mucopolysaccharide, it easily decomposes into particles and is also quickly restored, forming already new compounds in the skin itself.

As a result, a minimum amount of stabilizing agent BDDE with a level of reticulation of 3.1% is applied, which makes TEOSYAL RHA2 so natural and biocompatible with tissues and dermis. Another unique feature, which has no analogs on the market, is a combination of short-chain and long-chain hyaluronic acid, due to which this agent gets a wider spectrum of action (protective, anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and bacteriostatic). A filler is practically not felt under the skin, and the rehabilitation period rarely has any complications, except for a barely noticeable reddening and swelling.

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The main application areas or indications for the TEOSYAL RHA2 injections are:

nasolabial folds and wrinkles
modeling and correction of corners, contour, and shape of lips
correction of wrinkles and labial-chin folds
elimination of deep transverse folds on the forehead
elimination of the inter-brow furrow and mimic wrinkles of a smile
filling the volume of the hands and the area of the temples.
Due to its high elasticity and flexibility, the preparation does not hamper facial expressions, the movements of the muscles look natural, the face regains its natural beauty and freshness, a healthy color appears.

The duration of the positive effect is 9-18 on the average months and depends on the individual characteristics of the patient.

According to the presence of lidocaine in TEOSYAL RHA2, the procedure is completely painless and does not require a long rehabilitation period.