Teosyal RHA4 (2x1ml)




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The latest achievements of the Swiss company “Teoxane”, which since 2003 is engaged in the production of preparations, based on hyaluronic acid, allowed the development of a unique natural volumizer TEOSYAL RHA4. This gel was the first agent on the beauty market, which is injected at the subcutaneous fat level and this differs from the traditional supracutaneous injections.

The revolutionary TEOSYAL RHA4 filler contains a new formula for hyaluronic acid, developed exclusively for working with the most dynamic parts of the face. A special technique for cross-linking molecules by the type of a three-dimensional network allows better preserving long chains of sodium hyaluronate and reducing the amount of the reticulating agent BDDE in several times (up to 4%).

The three-dimensional network has high strength and elasticity, gives the gel the necessary viscosity. The electrostatic nature of the interaction of molecules of hyaluronic acid allows them to easily break down and just as quickly form again: this effect allows preserving the natural facial expression of the face and under no circumstances reveals a filler under the skin, thus, it can not be palpated or seen.

Possessing this remarkable plasticity, TEOSYAL RHA4 is ideal for such issues:

elimination of chin volume deficiency
filling the contours of the cheekbones, the volume of the upper cheekbones and temples
elimination of the angles and wrinkles of the forehead
filling mid-cheek furrow
correction of fuzzy oval and alignment of the general contour of the face
correction of “face fatigue” (flabbiness, deep wrinkles).
The drug contains a minimum concentration of lidocaine 0.3%, which is sufficient to eliminate discomfort during the procedure and make the injection more comfortable.

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Filling the skin with a volume, the drug retains the firmness and elasticity of the dermis, allowing the skin to look natural. TEOSYAL RHA4 perfectly adapts to facial expressions and is unobtrusively distributed in the tissues, so that the patient does not feel the filler under the skin at all.

Depending on the injection area, the technique of procedure conduction and the individual characteristics of the patient, the effect of the gel lasts from 9 to 18 months.