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The essence of the TEOSYAL ULTIMATE injection implant is a modified hyaluronic acid, produced by the patented RHA technology, which allows obtaining a gel with a special molecular structure. The unique property of hyaluronic acid is the ability to bind water molecules and thus gradually smooth wrinkles, fill the volume and align the contours of the face and body.

High density and strength of the bonding of acid molecules with each other ensure a slow degradation of TEOSYAL ULTIMATE and the longest possible effect. Due to a non-animal origin and monophasic properties, hyaluronic acid is fully compatible with skin tissues. Multiple purification from free molecules of the binding agent BDDE guarantees a minimum level of residual proteins and bacterial endotoxin. Those indicators are much better than the generally accepted pharmacological requirements of the European Union. This fact almost eliminates the occurrence of any complications after the procedure.

For the first time, the gel with hyaluronic acid is supplied in 3 ml syringes, which allows to effectively work with the contour and the face volume in one session. The procedure is performed by a physician experienced in injecting cosmetology who in advance estimates the anatomical structure of the patient’s face and the presence of allergic reactions.

After the first procedure, the shape of cheeks and cheekbones is noticeably improved, the face oval is corrected. For optimal correction, one or two injections every 18 months are sufficient. TEOSYAL ULTIMATE is injected at different depths, beginning with the subcutaneous adipose tissue and ending with the periosteal area of the face.

The outcome will be directly determined by the technique of injection, elasticity of soft tissues and the initial state of the correction area. It is forbidden to enter the filler intradermally.

Contour plastic with TEOSYAL ULTIMATE is not used in such circumstances:

cases of allergy and hypersensitivity reaction to the components of the drug
during pregnancy and lactation
in the presence of acute inflammatory or infectious diseases
autoimmune diseases
any skin lesions.
In addition, TEOSYAL ULTIMATE gel shall not be combined with laser technology, ultrasound therapy, and chemical pilling. It is not recommended to use the gel in places with injection implants from other brands.