Teosyal Ultra Deep (2x1ml)




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The densest of the series is a gel-filler based on hyaluronic acid TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml. It is designed for effective modeling and contouring of a person with deep wrinkles and folds. The concentration of hyaluronic acid reaches 25 mg / g. Due to the high density and interconnected molecules, hyaluronic acid is retained in the tissues for up to 12 months.

The particular duration of TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml effects depends on the client’s skin structure, the depth of wrinkles and folds, the degree of ptosis of tissues, etc. Each person has its own rate of production of hyaluronidase, the enzyme which dissolves the hyaluronic acid in tissues, thus, the duration of the drug’s action depends on the activity of this process.

TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml is used for volumetric modeling and creating a beautiful contour of the face oval. With the help of this filler a specialist can:

Fill deep wrinkles on the chin, in the nasolabial area, in the eyebrow
Increase the lips and form their beautiful contour
Tighten the “saggy” oval by filling the voids in the nasal area.
Due to the increased degree of gel density, its application will be more appropriate on dense, porous skin. For contouring and modeling of thin, dry and sensitive skin it is better to use agents with lower density.

After the procedure of TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml injection, the face looks really rejuvenated and refreshed. As a rule, the beautician himself chooses the number of procedures, but the results become visible even after the first visit. The repeated cycle of rejuvenation, usually, is appointed not earlier than in 6-9 months, and the restoration of the result will require less amount of the gel.

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Even if the expert has performed incorrect input of the drug and it is asymmetrically or unevenly distributed, this can be easily corrected by applying subcutaneous injections of hyaluronidase in the same session.

The effect of TEOSYAL ULTRA DEEP 2x1ml is so strong that it pleases the client right after the first procedure. Hyaluronic acid, like a pillow, pushes the wrinkles of the skin outward, reliably fixes the smoothed skin, nourishes the tissues, and saturates them with additional moisture. With each new session, the effect becomes more noticeable, and the patient’s skin is younger. This drug literally “erases” the signs of aging from the face of the client.