Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental Perfume




Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental Perfume by Versace, First introduced to the world of unique fragrances in 2014, the Oud Oriental is a luxurious and exotic scent that rivals other oriental fragrances on the market. The perfume is a part of the Versace Oud exclusive presentation collection which features fragrances that are inspired by Middle East culture with a male and female version of many of the fragrances.

The scent of the Versace Oud Oriental is opulent and rich, making it the intense and aphrodisiac signature fragrance in this increasingly popular lines of perfumes.

This feminine edition launched in 2014 and is the perfect follow-up to last year’s oriental edition, with its rich, woody aroma that is perfect for any occasion.

Proving once again this fragrance line’s iconic creativity, Versace cleverly linked male and female fragrances, allowing anyone to experience the alluring and exotic nature of the Orient.

It is a perfect blend of traditional and modern notes that create a unique and unforgettable fragrance.

The top intense notes of the Versace Oud Oriental are a combination of oriental rose, cheeky saffron, and a fresh freesia scent.

The opening oriental notes of the perfume are a composition created by an explosion of floral and spicy aromas that come across as both captivating and intoxicating at the same time. This heart of the composition is feminine and soft, while also being heady and deep, created of patchouli, heliotrope and violet succeeded by intense notes of oud and leather.

The heart of the fragrance is where the exotic Oud wood note comes into play.

The Oud wood note is a rare and expensive ingredient that is known for its smoky and woody aroma. The luxurious composition opens with the warm and sweet notes of patchouli and heliotrope, which add a touch of sweetness and sensuality to the scent.

The soften base notes of the perfume are a blend of leather, creamy vanilla, and sandalwood. This is a blend composed of notes that provide the perfect ending to the exotic female fragrant story of this special scent and give it a warm and creamy finish.

This sexy and sensual Versace Pour Femme fragrance makes for the perfect accessory for any woman who has a sensual but strong personality and likes to leave a lasting impression.

Like many of the other authentic fragrances that have come from this iconic fashion house, the Versace Pour Femme Oriental comes in a new Versace bottle that is almost as unique as the fragrance inside.

The sleek glass design is magnificent, completely covered in a gold shimmer and displaying the Versace typical emblem engraved on the sides. The cap is adorned with an intricate gold pattern that wraps around it.

The simple and discreetly decorated design of this bottle is certainly striking, giving it a timeless and classic feel that will never go out of style. For the woman who is looking for a great scent at a great price that will not easily be forgotten, Versace Pour Femme Oud Oriental will not disappoint.