Yvoire Classic Plus (1x1ml)




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With a strong scientific base, LG Chem has, over the past 20 years, developed several innovative technologies that have underpinned revolutionary injections for rejuvenation. In particular, hyaluronic fillers YVOIRE CLASSIC PLUS are created using HESH (High molecular weight Enhancement Stabilized Hyaluronic acid) and HICE (High Concentration Equalized cross-linking) technologies.

HICE is a unique technology that maximizes crosslinking speed, minimizing the structural change of hyaluronic acid by optimizing the dispersion of cross-linking agents that connect highly concentrated hyaluronic acid polymers.

The minimum presence of the BDDE stabilizer in YVOIRE CLASSIC PLUS makes it possible to achieve high elasticity at the maximum coefficient of cross-links. The revolutionary nature of HESH technology lies in the process by which it is possible to obtain stabilization of highly concentrated high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Methods of production of hyaluronic acid for YVOIRE CLASSIC PLUS allowed combining in one preparation the elasticity of a two-phase filler with the fluidity and plasticity of a single-phase gel.

Absolute safety of YVOIRE CLASSIC PLUS is confirmed by a number of certificates:

  • American FDA;
  • European EDQM;
  • Korean KFDA.

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The brands of this manufacturer’s products have been always different from other fillers by a painless injection even without the use of local anesthesia.

An additional remarkable feature of YVOIRE CLASSIC PLUS implant is small and even particle sizes, which provide a smooth, homogeneous texture. The popularity of the filler has grown due to the easiness of injection and distribution as well as and a high degree of resistance to deformations and migrations. The average duration of the effect is 6-7 months.

YVOIRE CLASSIC PLUS is a sterile, pyrogen-free, clear, colorless gel. Dermal filler is created based on synthesized high molecular weight glucose. As is known, hyaluronate creates ideal conditions for biochemical processes in the body, including the production of one’s collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes the skin: one gram of it binds and holds up to three liters of water in the dermis.