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Filler for injection with purified hyaluronic acid YVOIRE CLASSIC S is a classic type of filler that helps delicately and gently restore the volume of the skin in the area of the lips, nasolabial folds, and the nasolacrimal groove. The filler has a clean and viscous texture, it is pyrogen-free and homogeneous. The main ingredient in the gel is 22 mg/ml hyaluronic acid of synthetic origin. The gel is injected subcutaneously with a thin 27G or 30G needle that comes with a syringe.

YVOIRE CLASSIC S is manufactured by the Korean corporation “LG” and its division “Life Science”, aimed at developments in pharmaceutics. The drug was tested on a sample of women aged 30 to 45 years. The results showed that the filler is safe and effective in aesthetic correction of wrinkles in problem areas.

The main advantages of the YVOIRE CLASSIC S are its flexibility, fluidity, and elasticity. The filler of the gel-like consistency is easily injected under the skin, distributed evenly, does not form a tubercle, perfectly retains the shape and does not extend beyond the injection zone. This agent combines the best characteristics of monophase and two-phase fillers.

YVOIRE CLASSIC S is the new generation of preparations and its main advantages are:

  • double sterilization of the drug
  • operation with a high-reliability syringe Luer-Lock
  • presence of thin-walled needles, facilitating injection and relieving the patient of pain
  • high degree of elasticity (the preparation perfectly supports the injection area and the overlying tissues)
  • a high quality of the drug, obtained through controlled production technology
  • a high level of plasticity and even distribution under the skin
  • the filler is biodegradable (eventually completely eliminated from the body and does not accumulate in the tissues)
  • prolonged result – from 6 to 8 months.

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A composition of YVOIRE CLASSIC S includes highly purified sodium hyaluronate, strengthened by transverse intermolecular bonds, and phosphate buffer pH 7.1. This filler is successfully used to eliminate various types of wrinkles of medium depth and restore the elasticity of the skin. Due to the use of high technologies in the production of the active ingredient, the viscous and cohesive structure of the gel allows it to spread evenly in the dermis while blocking the action of the hyaluronidase enzyme that promotes the breakdown of hyaluronic acid in the skin cells.