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YVOIRE VOLUME PLUS is a dense filler based on hyaluronic acid for contour face plastic. These fifth generation fillers are produced by “LG” cosmetic division, which created several innovative technologies for the production of its hyaluronic acid. A progressive approach to the creation of ideal raw materials allowed to combine in one syringe the density of monophasic and plasticity of biphasic fillers.

The creation of a revolutionary product was made possible by “HICE” technology, which is characterized by a high-speed crosslinking process with a high concentration and maximizing the dispersion of hyaluronic acid with a crosslinking agent. As a result, this acid is highly elastic with a smaller amount of cross-linking agent than other products of the same level.

YVOIRE VOLUME PLUS consists of cross-linked non-animal glucose molecules derived from the microbial fermentation process according to a strict protocol. To maximize the comfort of injecting the implant YVOIRE VOLUME PLUS contains lidocaine, which allows the use of the filler to patients even with the most sensitive skin.

Indications for YVOIRE VOLUME PLUS usage are the following:

  • The gel is used in contour plastic of the face, ear lobes, back of the palms.
  • The filler is intended for correction of deep wrinkles and folds of III-IV degrees.
  • The drug replenishes the missing volume on the cheeks, cheekbones, temporal areas, chin, and earlobe.
  • The gel is used with injection rhinoplasty, forehead augmentation and volumetric hand plastic are effective for correcting the contour and volume of the lips, face oval and atrophied scars.

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Despite its high density, YVOIRE VOLUME PLUS is characterized by an excellent smoothness of injection, which will satisfy even the most demanding cosmetologist. Elasticity of the gel is achieved by the adding of native hyaluronic acid (0.87%) and a small diameter of the needle walls.

This hyaluronic corrector is injected intradermally and subcutaneously, and suprapersonal injection for correction of the nasopharyngeal furrow is also not excluded. The result from the procedure can be seen immediately, regardless of what technique of the injection doctor decided to apply.