ZO Exfoliating Polish 65g


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The American company “Zein Obagi” introduces the innovative formula of the exfoliating lotion for all customers for a wide range of cases ZO EXFOLIATING POLISH to rethink your idea of quality care. The unique components of the product will give you professional skin care for your face.

For example, vitamin A (retinol) actively restores the protective layer of the skin, normalizes its natural regeneration. With age, cell division (multiplying) is slowing down, which leads to sluggishness. Retinol prevents it, actively nourishing cells those and accelerating their own regeneration process.

Vitamin C, which is also present in ZO EXFOLIATING POLISH, is involved in all physical and chemical processes of the skin. It actively bleaches, illuminates unwanted pigment spots and freckles, treats microcracks, prevents the negative effects of sunlight and other aggressive external factors. The skin becomes elastic and tender.

Vitamin E, in its turn, enriches cells with oxygen, providing with energy as well. Magnesium crystals actively exfoliate dead cells, provoking an active multiplication of the healthy ones.

If you want to have a really clean, healthy, gentle and shiny face, ZO EXFOLIATING POLISH will become your indispensable helper in regular care.

Method of ZO EXFOLIATING POLISH application is following:

  • conduct cleansing
  • apply agent on a damp face
  • gently massage with circular motions
  • add water if necessary
  • rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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ZO EXFOLIATING POLISH is prescribed for the normal and dry skin. You shall apply it 2-3 times a week. In the case of oily skin, it should be applied on daily basis. Application time is universal, the age might be over 18 years of old.